Our Work

Our Work

With the highly experienced, Glen McKernan at the helm, GM Growth Consulting has a solid track record of partnering with organisations and individuals to achieve their business and people objectives.

Here are a few examples from:

  • Change management
  • Coaching and training to enhance customer experience
  • Process improvement
  • Leadership
  • Business planning and people development
  • Property/Asset Management/Property development – L&D
Glen McKernan in action


Change management projects

A change management & business improvement project with a global insurer and property company which involved working with the leadership team to implement a new aligned organisational structure, enhanced processes & systems, and targeted learning & development opportunities for people.

"Glen has been an invaluable part of our change management plan, taking an active role in the change management process and importantly in the training/coaching required to inform our team of the new direction. Glen's ability to understand how the team feel about change and how to incorporate the teams ideas has been a significant factor in the success of our change management process."

— Luke Briscoe, Managing Director, Office & Industrial, AMP Capital

Training for team development

Delivered a series of learning activities & short workshops across business units of a company to allow all to see that communicating and collaborating as a larger team resulted in better outcomes/scores compared to working as individuals or in silos.

Group simulation activities with the team were engaging, fun, with clear learning outcomes and sense of achievement for all participants. No long PowerPoint sessions where everyone goes to sleep.

Coaching and training to enhance customer experience

Working with people and teams at various levels of the organisation to develop soft skills and behaviours to support the ideal customer experience.

Process improvement

Project lead to assist global property company improve capital works expenditure process that touched every level of the organisation and contracted over $100 million in works each year. Worked with the project team to map/identify the 'waste' areas in existing process and implement changes that resulted in increased employee engagement, reduced business risk and consistency in approach.


Energise people. Worked with senior people mangers on a leadership team during a period of major change in the business to ensure they understood the importance of their role as leaders and how to energise and engage their teams during change.

Business planning and people development

Engaged by a business to work with the leadership team to develop a strategy for business development and the optimal people and team structure to make it happen.

"Glen came into our business and worked with everyone from the Managing Director to the Office Manager to gain an understanding of our people and processes and then worked with us to implement the agreed strategies. Glen was very engaging with our people and delivered lasting results. Over and above the work Glen did with us I have known Glen personally and professionally for over 20 years and regard him as a true professional with amazing insight."

— Tim Green, Managing Director, TGC

Working within the organisation and having time to better understand the existing people and processes was a critical step that allowed possible options and solutions to be reviewed.

A preferred strategy was then chosen and implemented which involved adding in a new leadership role focused on leading people that was greatly needed and a real gap hampering business and people growth.

Property/Asset Management/Property Development – Learning and development

Real Estate Owner/Manager Companies, Universities and Learning Academies engage with GMGC to plan, organise and deliver training courses to provide people with both the technical and soft skills they need to perform better in their roles and grow.

"The Property Council Academy engaged Glen as the facilitator for our suite of Property Asset Management courses. Glen's knowledge and passion for the industry is evident as he engages with participants and mentors them while they complete group work and assessments. I would highly recommend Glen as a facilitator and subject matter expert and look forward to working with him in 2017."

— Megan Kelly, L&D Program Manager, Property Council Academy