Our Services

Our Services

GMGC change management, people development and process improvement initiatives seek to allow individuals to learn and apply new knowledge and skills, while improving their workplace environment and processes.

Change management

Do you have a change project involving people and processes and need a hand? Leading change with positive impact is critical for project success. At GMGC, we like to be part of the project team and collaborate with all levels of people during the project to ensure we understand the key drivers to win the hearts and minds of all involved for best results.

GMGC offer a hands-on approach and prefers to work on the project with your people and not be known as a removed 'walk in / walk out' consultant that was not accountable.

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Training and facilitating

At GMGC we understand the power of appropriate use of fun and play for learning in a comfortable environment.
We can design and deliver training in-house training programs focused on both technical and soft skills such as

  • quality conversations and GROW technique
  • communication skills
  • business planning

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Process improvement

When addressing process improvement, our approach is to work closely with the people who are involved in the processes — the ones who do the work and have the direct experience.

We work together to define problems, identify wastes, analyse, measure and implement improvements. Then we help the team to develop prototype solutions, minimum viable products, and give them a try.

It is our experience, that with the right support and a solid capacity to look through the lens of your people, we can guide them to learn, innovate and rapidly implement improvements.

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GMGC Coaching

Effective leadership styles

Glen McKernan brings a personable and authentic approach to corporate coaching. He makes strategic use of instruments such as LSI, but is always mindful to look for the most appropriate coaching method for each individual or team for best results.

"My goal is to see that people are open and receptive to feedback and change and to move them to begin implementing new ideas and behaviours." —Glen

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