Our approach

Our Approach

Managing change, developing people, improving processes.

At GMGC, change and improvement are about working with people and processes.

We come to your organisation with the fundamental belief that people at all levels are important and should be active participants in change and improvement initiatives. As such, we prefer to seek input from all parts of the business to 'lift the hood' and establish the real learning and development needs and any business process improvement areas. Our approach is focused more on verbal interactions and work-shopping than the preparation of long reports.

"We don't like to see waste or be a source of waste. Why write it up as a 30 page doc when we could use those valuable hours actually implementing what needs to be done."
—Glen McKernan

Like today's best business leaders, we know that it is no longer good enough to simply broadcast top down strategies. Instead it is vital to get the bones of the processes established early and then learn from the implementation. Our experience with this minimum viable product approach is that it leads to increased innovation, efficient process improvement and active employee engagement.

And of course, our principal's wide experience in corporate environments gives him a strong appreciation for the necessity of compliance, conflicts of interest, risk management, confidentiality and business integrity.

How we work

1. Listen to define the goals

We listen to define the goals. We talk to people at various levels inside and/or outside the business to identify the issues and set the people and process development goals.

2. Find realistic actionable solutions

We help you find a realistic solution for the time, money and resources that are available that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

3. Partner with your people

Our preferred approach is to partner with your people – have your people involved. We want everyone to be able to see and measure their progress and the application of solutions they themselves helped to create. Your people will appreciate the time we spend on their personal growth and working closely with teams to improve business outcomes for internal/external stakeholders and customers.